Three generations ago, at the inception of our company, the goldsmith was not only a skilled craftsman, he was primarily an artist. It is this tradition, this family heritage, which we cling to even today. At Heinrich Bischoff, emphasis is placed on creating quality pieces of unique elegance and beauty that appeal to an international and timeless sophistication.

Of course, as is true of all great artists, we are always at the vanguard of fashion. We are constantly recreating our expressions – forever reinterpreting our masterpieces. Today, the signature Heinrich Bischoff collection consists of exquisite jewelry with manually set diamonds and fabulous colored stones of the highest quality.

In 1945, during the war, our factory in Germany, along with our entire stock of precious metals and stones, was totally destroyed. Undaunted, by 1948, we were back to business as usual. It is this unfettered spirit that is reflected, not only in our craftsmanship, but also in our business operations. Without hesitation, we are willing to harness the latest technology to ensure a product of uncompromising beauty and quality. We were the first Pforzheim-based company to produce jeweled rings using a centrifugal casting system.

It is this devotion to our craft and an embrace of technical improvements that gives Heinrich Bischoff its edge; an edge in quality and price that is enjoyed by both our national and international clientele.

Artistry, elegance, and timelessness

It’s the heritage of our craftsmanship.

Quality, consistency, and tenacity

It’s the mantra of our business values.

Tradition und Leistung – Tradition and Performance.

It’s the essence of Heinrich Bischoff!

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